Autonomous Vehicles are Revolutionising Smart Cities!

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Smart cities are actively becoming the centre for mobility innovation – and rightly so. Mobility as we know facilitates the movement and is a key determiner of what makes a city habitable. Today’s cities face major challenges in developing mobility like security, congestion and accessibility. And that is before they have even recognized environmental issues. There [...]

Conventional automobile sales drop. Time to plug-in to a new future!

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Despite noticeable and intermittent drops in automobile sales across the world, conventional manufacturers and distributors seem unfazed. 2018 marked the biggest drops in sales for fossil-fuel powered cars, resulting in some companies going on the record to dismiss these fluctuations (0.8% ~ 3%) as mere market gaps and blocks. However, automotive providers in countries like UK [...]

Report: Global Automotive Vehicle To Everything (V2X) Communications

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Global Automotive Vehicle To Everything (V2X) Communications Market Report is a comprehensive study into the past, present and the future of the global V2X Communications market. It sheds light on the market along with industry environment scans, consumer anticipation metrics, technological advancements, growth prospects and other influential nodes. The report helps key decision makers get a [...]


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By 2021, half of the taxicabs on the roads of Dubai will be hybrid cars, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) had declared. The move, part of a strategy to decrease carbon emissions of the taxi division by 2%, was inspired by the deregulation of fuel costs and feasible hybrid-electric vehicles. The Roads and Transport Authority [...]

Weekly Round-Up: The Future of Mobility

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Top Stories: Conventional auto sales drop. Time to ‘plug-in’ to a new future! What led to the recent Ford-Volkswagen alliance? Report (Download) - Autonomous Cars Market Size, By Level of Autonomy, By Type, Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)), Industry Analysis Report Apple cuts back autonomous driving team but will remain in the game [...]

What led to the recent Ford-Volkswagen alliance?

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On January 15th 2019, Dr Herbert Diess (CEO of Volkswagen AG) and Jim Hackett (CEO of Ford Motor Corp) declared via a Press Release that the two companies have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will work towards the joint development of commercial vans and medium-sized trucks that operate on innovative technologies, with mass [...]

Dr Noah Raford, Chief Operating Officer & Futurist in Chief at the Dubai Future Foundation

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Dr. Noah Raford is the Chief Operating Officer, “Futurist-in-Chief” at the Dubai Future Foundation and is a former advisor on futures, foresight, and innovation in the UAE Prime Minister’s Office. He is involved as part of a team that identifies emerging opportunities, and prototypes future initiatives for the Government of Dubai. Some projects that he has recently [...]

Bijan Majidi, President and CEO, Dinamica International

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He is an accomplished innovator and business transformation expert with a global track-record in joint ventures, merger and acquisitions and business turnarounds in diverse high-technology industries. For more than two decades, he has operated in multi-million dollar blue chip companies in CXO and has held senior executive positions in sectors such as the automotive industry, smart [...]

Hans Christensen VP, Dtec, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

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Hans has been successful in starting up and running companies in South America and Europe in the ICT space and has furthermore held important global positions in big financial institutions, dealing with the financing of large international ICT deals. Hans has also build-up and directed the team of the only technology incubator of Siemens ICN and [...]

Nadeem Shakir, Director, ME Transport and Future Mobility Leader, Aurecon

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With extensive experience in Future Mobility and Smart Cities Planning. Nadeem’s experiences include Smart Mobility, MaaS, First and Last Mile solutions, Next Generation Multimodal Transport Models, Big Data, Planning for Autonomous/Connected Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence.