Dr Noah Raford, Chief Operating Officer & Futurist in Chief at the Dubai Future Foundation

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Dr. Noah Raford is the Chief Operating Officer, “Futurist-in-Chief” at the Dubai Future Foundation and is a former advisor on futures, foresight, and innovation in the UAE Prime Minister’s Office. He is involved as part of a team that identifies emerging opportunities, and prototypes future initiatives for the Government of Dubai. Some projects that he has recently [...]

Hans Christensen VP, Dtec, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

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Hans has been successful in starting up and running companies in South America and Europe in the ICT space and has furthermore held important global positions in big financial institutions, dealing with the financing of large international ICT deals. Hans has also build-up and directed the team of the only technology incubator of Siemens ICN and [...]

Nadeem Shakir, Director, ME Transport and Future Mobility Leader, Aurecon

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With extensive experience in Future Mobility and Smart Cities Planning. Nadeem’s experiences include Smart Mobility, MaaS, First and Last Mile solutions, Next Generation Multimodal Transport Models, Big Data, Planning for Autonomous/Connected Vehicles and Artificial Intelligence.

Martin Tillman, Director – Transport Planning, AECOM

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Martin is a transport planner with 25 years of international experience in transport planning and traffic engineering. Having gained global experience by working across several continents, he is now a renowned specialist in development planning, sustainable transport design, mobility travel plan measures, master planning, urban design, and public transport demand forecasting.

Daniel Avdagic, CEO, AV Living Lab

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As an accomplished External Digital Transformation Leader, Daniel previously served at the Deutsche Telekom and Telekom Slovenije. Managing big projects throughout his career, Daniel served as the project coordinator of the Smart City consortium, which consisted of 16 entities from 6 EU countries in 2015 and private cloud project (data collection) for EU agency and EU call [...]

Chris Ballinger, CEO & Founder, MOBI

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Chris Ballinger is the former Chief Financial Officer and Director of Mobility Services for the Toyota Research Institute. He joined TRI in April 2017 following 14 years at Toyota Financial Services (TFS), where he served in a global leadership role as the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Officer of Strategic Innovation, guiding global TFS [...]

Akin Adamson, Director, Ricardo Energy & Environment- Middle East

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Akin Adamson is the Director for Ricardo Plc’s Middle East Energy and Environment Business, a global strategic engineering and environmental consultancy that specialises in the automotive, transport, energy and scarce resource sectors. Previously, he was the Regional Director for the Middle East at the UK's Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), providing world leading transportation research and consultancy. [...]

Jaime Ruiz Huescar, E-Mobility Manager, Murica

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As a competent e-mobility expert, Jaime Ruiz Huescar is a renowned advisor and consultant in the global Smart City ecosystem. Being the e-mobility manager for the city of Murica, he serves a key role in RECI, the Spanish network of Smart Cities, along with being a member in the advisory board of the Spanish Sustainable Mobility [...]

David Fidalgo, Founder Y-Mobility

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An administrator of new divergent ideas, David Fidalgo founded ‘Y-Mobility’, a community of mobility experts passionate about technology, innovation and business. With a passion for product development and new business models, he likes to develop mobility and connectivity solutions for the future. Over a long spanning career, David has worked with multiple corporates and startups on [...]

Frank Beckmann, Co-founder & MD, Parken Property Partner

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He is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Parken Property Partner, a powerhouse for parking in the Real Estate World. An international Smart Parking and Mobility Consultant, he has a startup dedicated to mentoring young entrepreneurs, framing business models, organisations and processes within the domain of mobility. Franks’ primary area of expertise lies in the field [...]